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An English post with a reason. Decor8 (a great blog) gives away 3 seats in the Blog Boss e-course. I really would love to enter the course and learn everything I need to know about blogging. And the only thing I need to do, doesn’t work. I only have to post a message on Facebook but because of my privacy setting this doesn’t work. And I can’t find the setting I need to change in order to make it work! So this is my alternative. I post the decor8 blog and the Blog Boss e-course on my blog and share it on Facebook. Hopefully this will help me get a seat. And if not, then at least I found a great blog where I can “plunge into” once and a while.

About Decor8:
Holly Becker started her blog with interior ideas, trends and passions in 2006 and build her blog from the ground up. Now Decor8 has over 48,000 unique daily readers with 1.8 million monthly page views. Wow! Holly is also a bestselling author, journalist and interior stylist.

Some pictures from Decor 8 and the Blog Boss e-course: